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Why choose evaporate cooling pad

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Why choose evaporate cooling pad
Why choose evaporate cooling pad
       Cooling pad mainly use water evaporation cooling water absorbs heat in the air, the air temperature drops of physics. In practice, and supporting the use of the suction fan, wet curtain mounted on one end of the closed premises gable or side wall, the fan mounted on the other end of the gable or side wall, the cooling fan out indoor air, generating a negative pressure to force the outdoor air flows porous moist wet curtain surface to air a lot of heat treatment was transformed thereby forcing air into the interior of the lower 10-15 ℃, and the constant introduction of indoor sunstroke.
       Endothermic evaporation of water is a very common natural physical phenomena, cooling water curtain cooling use this same principle, the integrated use of wet curtain cooling system with a suction fan of is the use of the water evaporates leaving the air-cooled endothermic thermal theory, demonstrating the principle of water evaporation endothermic three elements:
1. The surface area of ​​water exposed to the air
2. Air flow rate
3. The temperature of the water itself
And water evaporation and heat absorption efficiency is proportional to the above elements are
1. At the pump and gravity, the water flowing down from the fiber surface wet curtain corrugated exterior curtain form a total area equivalent to more than 10 times the area of ​​the fold-type water film, so the contact area with the air of a water film very big.
2. Because there is negative pressure ventilation fan caused by "pressure difference", so outdoor air will quickly cool curtain across the roundabout and collided with a curtain of water film, so that the heat in the air is a wide area rapid absorption of water film.
3. The water temperature rises, evaporation will increase, increased evaporation of water to increase the heat away. Namely: the cooling effect is more obvious.
Why choose evaporate cooling pad
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