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Why choose evaporate air cooler

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Why choose evaporate air cooler
      Cooler and evaporative air coolers, air conditioners is actually somewhere between a product of the traditional air-conditioning compressor and the fan between no traditional air conditioning compressor so cold, a lot cooler than a fan, or the equivalent of people standing on the beach When the waterfall next to feel more like cool. Then there are the environmental conditioning of the combined effect of a broader scope and application, followed by the running costs. You can talk about environmental conditioning can be used in all of the industry which, because it is a set of ventilation, cooling, ventilation, odor evaporative ventilation unit. And operating costs at the end, than the traditional central air-conditioning in more than 80% of the electricity.
      Analogy: environmental air can hold the place may not be able to install air conditioning; as injection molding workshop, polishing workshop, heat treatment shop and some public places and markets, underground parking and so on. . . . And central air conditioning is relatively high investment and operating costs, an important issue is to consider a number of companies to stop! As a car, in fact, many people can afford cars, but has not bought! Why? Because of a series of costs arising from the car when the customer considered thing. If you do not install a central air conditioner fan can it? Many people know that the fan and the air conditioning is the same way, all fall within the circulatory system. Workshop heat, odors, dust no row; the wind is blowing out hot air, it can have a very good improvement workshop it?
      The above problems is why more and more companies use the current Cooler (environmental air-conditioning) The purpose of the. Cooler air conditioning is the purpose of energy saving water evaporation endothermic principle design, the use of water from a liquid into a gaseous process, the role of the air to absorb heat, to reduce the air temperature basis. The core components of direct evaporative heat exchanger - "multi-layer corrugated fiber composite materials" wet curtain. When the outdoor air into the energy-saving air conditioners, must constantly circulating water through the wash "multi-layer corrugated fiber composite materials" wet curtain formed due to water evaporation process is constantly absorbing heat in the air, so that the new air temperature reduced fresh air after cooling duct and designed by the outlet into the room, adjust the room temperature. At the same time when the outdoor air conditioning unit through "multi-layer corrugated fiber composite materials" wet curtain, due to a certain percentage of water vapor mixed with air, fresh air into the room and therefore will increase the humidity of the air in the room. Due to energy saving air conditioners suitable place for open or semi-open-air, outdoor air through the air-conditioner to cool, pouring into the room after humidification, polluted air in the room were exhausted to the outside, thus ensuring the indoor air cool, Fresh, clean indoor air reaching purposes. Energy saving air conditioners used in "multi-layer corrugated fiber composite materials" wet curtain is a Swedish patented product, with good water absorption and ventilation performance, large effective heat transfer area, texture, durable, ensure efficient air conditioner work and reliability. Air conditioners, water recycling for ordinary tap water without processing, which greatly facilitates the users.
      How to choose the air cooler (evaporative air-conditioners) selected brands are built around a definition, assured quality, reliable and stable, fast service. Like families to buy air conditioning, like beauty, Gree, Daikin, Panasonic and other brands! Now evaporative air coolers, cooling ventilation unit market (energy saving air conditioning) can be described as chaos, price, quality, service spotty, environmental conditioning when customers choose our services, if blindly parity, it will find a difference installation company, the victim is not only the industry, but is himself!
1. look at the appearance. The more the appearance of smooth, beautiful products, precision molds its use is higher. Although the appearance of the product may not be pretty high quality, but high-quality products will look beautiful.
Therefore, in the purchase, we can touch the equipment enclosure, whether there is a collision feeling wound surface is not flat, deformation phenomena; or if there is uneven distribution of pigment, there are spots, mist, bubbles and other defects; except outer plastic shell, stainless steel is one of the excellent selection. In today's business environment this, a lot of effort in appearance do not want the product, never made quality guaranteed products.
2. look at the process. German machinery why the world famous precisely because it sophisticated production process. Production process not only directly reflected in the health aspects of the product, but also shows a company's work attitude and style, advanced equipment degree. Readers in the purchase of products, you can see whether the individual connections tight junction, using screws, buttons and other small parts production is fine, installation is close, contact is good, and so on. If even these most basic components are a problem, and that the key components of internal quality can imagine.
3. see parts. Each machine is a combination of precision parts, components directly related to the merits of the life and effectiveness of the device. So, look at the main parts of the whole selection process is the most important part. The main part of evaporative cooling air conditioning are: the main control box, drain valve, pump motor, fan.
The main control box is equipped with control board, is running the air conditioning control system to ensure the normal operation of air conditioning indicators are adjusted here. Therefore, circuit board design is reasonable, the use of low-quality components will affect its operating results.
     Drain valve is a key component of evaporative cooling air conditioning. Since this does not use air conditioning refrigerants, with water circulating pump continuously withdrawn within and through the water distribution system evenly on hair spray filter layer, the outdoor air into the evaporative cooling media CELDEK full heat exchange with the water, because water evaporation to cool cool clean air by a low-noise fan pressure into the interior. The drain valve is the role of impurities in the circulating water to filter purification to guarantee results. Now, high-end drain valve built-in high-precision electromagnetic components, high sensitivity.
Pump motor, fan is running power the whole system. For evaporative cooling air conditioning motors, the most important thing is to damp the effect is good; the general poor quality of the motor is prone to leakage, rust, etc., may also be due to serious water burn out the motor. In addition, an important aspect of the work is to assess the efficiency of the motor motor ratio of each machine must be reasonable, otherwise it will affect efficiency.
      The best products, but also can not always trouble-free operation, good service is the most effective means to worry about lifting. Although it is difficult to see the manufacturer's service personnel in purchasing the site, but the salesman who see the service is a simple and effective way. With independent research and development, production enterprises, and its after-sales service in the technical aspects are generally not a problem. Therefore, the attitude is the most important.
      He will be a business philosophy, corporate culture to fully implement each employee's work. Sales staff enthusiastic attitude, full of energy, professional and other business terms, he is certainly a strict internal management and effective. Likewise, his service personnel certainly is of high quality and timely services to follow up.
Third. there must be brand awareness
      Brand is relying on quality and promote vendors' products perfect combination to play out. At the same time, with a strong brand awareness of the manufacturers generally have long-term strategic planning, this product does not appear to do today, tomorrow, the phenomenon of the muffler cover his tracks. Therefore, Fujian Oubo Wei evaporative air conditioners prompt you to buy brand-name products a priority. If brand-name company's products are not guaranteed, even the non-brand-name did not let us trust the reason. Before the product purchase to pay more attention to media reports, evaluation; such as professional magazines, exhibitions, networking, media, etc.
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