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Installing exhaust fan cool your chicken coop very well!!!

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Good quality Exhaust fan for sales
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Installing exhaust fan cool your chicken coop very well!!!

Installing exhaust fan cool your chicken coop very well!!!Installing exhaust fan cool your chicken coop very well!!!


With the continuous rise in the climate, summer seems more and more hot. For plant breeding of friends, surely must be worried about the temperature. Because the chicken coop like a steamer so that chicks grow slowly, the less raw eggs, or die death. This problem makes many farm owners a headache.
It is learned that there is a breeding factory boss Chen Jun, the raising of chickens, eggs, but with others born different, also in the summer, laying hens CHEN daily intake of up to 110 g / only, compared to other egg farms increased feed intake 15-20 g / only, or even higher. Therefore, raw egg laying hens bigger in size and number, an egg (360) 1000-1500 gram weight than other farm eggs, each costing the equivalent weight 2.7-4.2 grams, while laying rate than Other farms by 5%. Even more strange it is that Chen Jun hens seem all of them have "heat."
September 4, the reporter walked Lee Park farm, noting that the house number one wall mounted metal honeycomb shape curtain thing, damp, water from the top of the metal curtain slowly shed shuiliandong like curtain fan, in addition, there was a wind blowing curtain slowly, feeling particularly cool. These special curtain, the house exudes coolness. Therefore, these layers can be grown in the hot summer healthy, happy eggs.
    According to Chen Jun introduction, in 2006, he took over from the hands of one owner, this farm when three sheds venue The curtain has been installed fan system. June to October each year, the curtain opened for the house to cool, using more than two years, the venue layers of single pieces of weight, laying rate than other hens curtain did not enjoy high mortality much lower.
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