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How to install fiber glass exhaust fan?

Good quality Exhaust fan for sales
Good quality Exhaust fan for sales
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How to install fiber glass exhaust fan?

How to install fiber glass exhaust fan?

FRP horn suction fan installation steps:
1, according to the label installation drawings, combined with the installation of the actual situation (within the hanging, plug) making four square corners
Formwork, to ensure a solid and stable, taking into account the need to fill gaps around, try to make it easy to fill, aesthetics, anti-
Water standards, so that rain water does not enter from the gap, the air does not reflux.
2, angle iron using the specification of not less than 40 * 40mm GB, angle iron frame welding needs strong, beautiful, welding End
Bi Qing welding slag, grinding, a good expansion bolts, expansion bolts using 10mm size, each corner lot
In two bolts.
3, anti-rust treatment: the use of high-quality iron red rust, spray or brush can be, do not use low-quality anti-rust paint. As do
Into other colors must use a primer iron red rust spray.
4, the shroud and shroud assembly (trumpet and rotary screen): a / shroud shroud being put in place; b / pen
Mark the shroud and shroud intersection; c / Remove cover (marked on the shroud and shroud pins are on good location), good location openings in the table record with 6.5mm drill; d / according to the original location of a good cover
On the shroud, one by one foot insert shroud drilled hole; e / pins and holes will process the feet
Not in place, need to use the shield of the corresponding parts of the bending elasticity of the bit is inserted; location f / drilling under protection
And the shroud cover up and down with the appropriate adjustments.
5, check the suction fan is the complete integrity of the components, check whether the components during transport caused by deformation or damage
Bad damage must be repaired replaced before commissioning qualified for installation.
6, belt driven fan mounted on the belt, multi-V belt and pulley grooves must peak for a good bit. First small
Pulley for good, with one hand fixed large pulley and belt, with the other hand to rotate the movable blades can be easily installed
Good belt.
7, plug fans need to first shutters fixed to the fan. Blinds flat on the fan first, straighten
On a good location, and then pull the locking rivets or drilling screws. Each frame lock two co-eight pop rivets, each rivet to do straight-line distance between the same corner of the blinds do not play rivets, such fixed
The location of the most secure.
8, angle iron frame to the finished fixed, locked expansion bolts; and in the angle iron frame and suction fan border stickers
The local co-branded plastic glass circle (with medium glass, plastic); put the fans, by drilling screws lock horns formwork
And the fan frame bonded together.
9, put on the shroud, the shroud will be pre-installed fan shroud alignment sleeve, locking drilling screws fit
Firm. Fan installed inside hanging blinds.
10, elbow installation: two pieces of glass bend steel locking screws or drilling screws. The guard put
In complete contrast to the first outlet, cut off the excess portion of the shroud of Article 4 of the installation reference herein. Installation elbow
Do not install the fan shroud, directly put on elbow, locking drilling screws.
11, leads the fan power line, according to the provisions of the distribution installation, put on line pipe or duct fixed. Note that the fan power
Line the inside of the fan section cable ties or electrical tape must be in the fan support frame firmly fixed. Electric glue
Electrical tape must be fixed on the cable when the cloth wrapped a few times in order to ensure a solid. Distribution installation related to
Suction fan quality throughout the period of stability and security, there must be solid, stable, secure,
Do not cut corners.
12, suction fan gaps around the glass, sun panels, glass, plastic filling and complete. To ensure that no gap, no
Air leakage, not leaking, beautiful.
13, installation, cleaning tools and other debris in the fan, ready to test machine.
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