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Attention thins of installation evaporative cooler

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Attention thins of installation evaporative cooler

Attention thins of installation evaporative cooler


First, evaporative cooler directly decrease temperature of hot air in outdoor. After the evaporator heat exchanger cooling the temperature, air cooler transported cold air into the room by pipeline and exhausted the indoor heat air to the outside. So they need enough air outlet in the room for an exhausting. The number of air inlet and exhaust vents ratio should be at least 1: 1. If there is more heat device in the room than the exhaust outlet, we suggest to install enought exhausting outlet over height of three meters in order to achieve ventilation cooling effect.
Second, the installation environment should be in clear and fresh air, especially not installed in the smell enviroment. For example: toilet, kitchen and so on.
Third, in the evaporative cooler installation location,we need to make sure the mounting bracket capable of supporting the weight of the installation stuff , air dust and air cooler maintenance.
Fourth, after choosing installation location, we need to measure out the specific size of air coolers installation location and determine air ducts into the room through the window or the wall.
Fifth, we should pay attention to whether air cooler can successfully be delivered to the installed position. Otherwise the whole machine should be dismantled and then deliver the parts to installed position.
Sixth, the following is under the wind, the wind and the top side of the wind models standard installation diagram and size, depending on the specific installation site should be working as follows:
Attention thins of installation evaporative cooler
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